About CXD

Communication By Design integrates business and brand strategy with verbal and visual expression to deliver exceptional communication campaigns in the physical, print, digital, and social networking worlds.
We are…

Enterprise Oriented Triple bottom line results encompassing people, planet, and profit ensure the viability of your business over time. We build lasting value through branding that is authentic (true to you), messaging,
and design.

Market Aware Your clients are interested in the big picture of what you’re doing, but they’re even more interested in “what’s in it for me?” Serving the needs and wants of people (and understanding how that stacks up against your competition) is key to an effective communication strategy.

Message Driven Communication By Design projects are informed by a hierarchy of aspirational and practical messages — communicated verbally, visually, or both. The hierarchy distills and prioritizes what you need to say and what your stakeholders want to know.

User Friendly Information that is organized, illustrated, and presented via a design structure results in a message that is easily accessible and quickly embraced by your target market.

Brand Savvy Successful brands are more than just a logo. They create a story, an identity, and a culture that people want to be a part of and tell their friends about. Current best practices combined with emerging brand trends inform Communication By Design solutions for you and your organization that are both compelling and memorable.

Holistic We believe there are different ways of seeing and thinking. Unanticipated solutions can emerge when combining verbal and visual, sequential and random, analytical and intuitive, top down and bottom up, outside in and inside out, and the whole and its parts.

Multidisciplinary Our strategy, content, and designs can be seamlessly and consistently applied across branded experiences, 3D environments, presentations, products, packaging, print, and digital and social media.

Full Service Communication By Design is about building enduring relationships. We partner with you to plan, create, and implement holistic communication programs — from initial concept to completed project. Our strategic and creative services are supported with detail-oriented execution, schedule and budget management, vendor coordination, quality control, and post-project evaluation.