In today’s world of digital tools, cloud-based storage, and software as a service (SaaS), marketing and sales professionals are challenged with how to show what they do for their customers. If your product or service lacks a physical manifestation that can be photographed (like digital file storage and online retrieval), consider creating an animated infographic.

This one developed for includes original icons and illustrations, a voice-over recording, and a custom music track.

If you have a unique work process or professional service offering (most of us do), communicate it with an infographic. An engaging illustration will not only help you differentiate your proprietary process, but will also add perceived value to your brand.

Conflicting Forces Chart with Red Zone 600

The infographic above illustrates an attorney’s approach to legal lease negotiation (view in the context of The Sinreich Group blog) and the one below introduces a sustainability consultant’s multi-step process.


Green Edge Process 600px

Capture the Attention of Your Website Visitor with a Pinterest Board Widget

November 21, 2013

A couple of Pinterest announcements caught my eye. First you can display a preview of any board on your website via a Pinterest “board widget.” See our CXD “All Things Blue” below. You simply enter any board URL, the width of pin image (these are 140 pixels), and depth of display (this one is 650) […]

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Locate the Place of Pins on a Pinterest Map

November 20, 2013

Being a lover of maps of all kinds, I’m pretty excited about this new Pinterest feature. You can share the location of your pictures by clicking on “Map this pin” under the image and filling in where it was taken — globally, nationally, locally. And the map art is really nice! Learn more here via […]

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Engage Fans with a Facebook Cover Campaign of Compelling Images

October 14, 2013

Facebook (and Google+) covers are where you can display big and beautiful images that illustrate your mission and promote your brand. Creating a campaign of covers displayed sequentially as a series is a great way to keep yourself front and center in the minds of customers, colleagues, and friends. The images are easily changed and […]

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Design a Facebook Profile Image with Multiple Display Sizes in Mind

August 20, 2013

This nuts-and-bolts tip on how to create a Facebook profile image is first of a series of posts on visual strategy for social media. Your profile image should identify you and your brand in a way that is simple, clean, and scalable. While the minimum file size required by Facebook is 180 x 180 pixels, […]

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Pollinate Your Brand with a Memorable E-Badge

July 16, 2013

Despite their colorful dismissal in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre and Blazing Saddles (we don’t need no stinking…), badges can be effective brand pollination tools. If you create a promotional badge for your fans to place on their websites or post to social media, you will gain recognition via association. In a former post, […]

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Edit Your Images Online with Easy-to-Use (and Free!) PicMonkey

June 27, 2013

MailChimp…Gorilla Coffee (Brooklyn’s own micro-roastery and coffee shop)…PicMonkey. What’s going on with these fun-loving primate brands? Seriously, PicMonkey is a great resource for anyone who doesn’t own Photoshop and needs to crop, size, or otherwise edit a photo. In fact, we just used PicMonkey to prepare an image for Students for Service’s Teens for Food […]

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Optimize Title Tags and Meta Descriptions for Search Listings and Social Media Posts

May 28, 2013

Title tags and meta descriptions (the code incorporated into your website that helps search engines find you) can seem daunting to write, but a plugin by Yoast makes it whole lot easier.  Yoast’s WordPress SEO is a user-friendly platform that helps you add title tags and meta descriptions to your pages. Title tags and meta […]

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Create a Pinterest Board Highlighting Your Brand Identity

April 30, 2013

It’s fun to create a Pinterest board of images in the colors of your brand identity. See All Things Blue where we highlight the turquoise blue of our own Communication By Design palette. For client We Hate to Waste, we created “Blues and Greens” and featured images illustrating waste reduction (recycling, re-use, resource efficiency, sustainable […]

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